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About Us
Hi, and welcome to Cottage Rags.

I hope you enjoy your visit today, check back often as I am always on the hunt for great and fun linens, cool clothes, and special, one of a kind, antiques and cottage decor.

As for me, what can I say, I am a fabricaholic. I started collecting when I was about 10. First, it was buttons, hankies, and hats. From there it progressed to just about anything in textiles, made with textiles, or associated with textiles. I blame my obsession on heredity -my great grandmother was a lace buyer in Canada, and my great aunt sold furs for a large department store in Omaha, Nebraska called Brandeis. Aunt Loretta loved the home arts, along with cabbage roses and hats. Ever since I can remember, my family would say, "youíre just like your Aunt Loretta".

But enough about me. If textiles and vintage trinkets give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, well, welcome to the club-and hey, letís go shopping!